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Here is my Easy Name Change Script.


bind F9 \"vstr rname\"
seta name01 \"name >>>>>>>> V\"
seta name02 \"name >>>>>>> Vi\"
seta name03 \"name >>>>>> Vis\"
seta name04 \"name >>>>> Visi\"
seta name05 \"name >>>> Visit\"
seta name06 \"name >>> Visit \"
seta name07 \"name >> Visit w\"
seta name08 \"name > Visit ww\"
seta name09 \"name  Visit www\"
seta name10 \"name Visit www.\"
seta name11 \"name isit www.x\"
seta name12 \"name sit www.x1\"
seta name13 \"name it www.x13\"
seta name14 \"name t www.x133\"
seta name15 \"name  www.x1337\"
seta name16 \"name www.x1337.\"
seta name17 \"name ww.x1337.e\"
seta name18 \"name\"
seta name19 \"name <\"
seta name20 \"name <<\"
seta name21 \"name <<<\"
seta name22 \"name <<<<\"
seta name23 \"name <<<<<\"
seta name24 \"name .eu <<<<<<\"
seta name25 \"name eu <<<<<<<\"
seta name26 \"name u <<<<<<<<\"
seta name27 \"name ++++++++++++\"
seta name28 \"name\"
seta name29 \"name ++++++++++++\"
seta name30 \"name\"
seta name31 \"name ++++++++++++\"
seta name32 \"name ESL | Skynet\"
seta sname01 \"vstr name01; set rname vstr sname02\"
seta sname02 \"vstr name02; set rname vstr sname03\"
seta sname03 \"vstr name03; set rname vstr sname04\"
seta sname04 \"vstr name04; set rname vstr sname05\"
seta sname05 \"vstr name05; set rname vstr sname06\"
seta sname06 \"vstr name06; set rname vstr sname07\"
seta sname07 \"vstr name07; set rname vstr sname08\"
seta sname08 \"vstr name08; set rname vstr sname09\"
seta sname09 \"vstr name09; set rname vstr sname10\"
seta sname10 \"vstr name10; set rname vstr sname11\"
seta sname11 \"vstr name11; set rname vstr sname12\"
seta sname12 \"vstr name12; set rname vstr sname13\"
seta sname13 \"vstr name13; set rname vstr sname14\"
seta sname14 \"vstr name14; set rname vstr sname15\"
seta sname15 \"vstr name15; set rname vstr sname16\"
seta sname16 \"vstr name16; set rname vstr sname17\"
seta sname17 \"vstr name17; set rname vstr sname18\"
seta sname18 \"vstr name18; set rname vstr sname19\"
seta sname19 \"vstr name19; set rname vstr sname20\"
seta sname20 \"vstr name20; set rname vstr sname21\"
seta sname21 \"vstr name21; set rname vstr sname22\"
seta sname22 \"vstr name22; set rname vstr sname23\"
seta sname23 \"vstr name23; set rname vstr sname24\"
seta sname24 \"vstr name24; set rname vstr sname25\"
seta sname25 \"vstr name25; set rname vstr sname26\"
seta sname26 \"vstr name26; set rname vstr sname27\"
seta sname27 \"vstr name27; set rname vstr sname28\"
seta sname28 \"vstr name28; set rname vstr sname29\"
seta sname29 \"vstr name29; set rname vstr sname30\"
seta sname30 \"vstr name30; set rname vstr sname31\"
seta sname31 \"vstr name31; set rname vstr sname32\"
seta sname32 \"vstr name32; set rname vstr sname01\"
seta rname \"vstr sname01\"



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what does it do? ;D

Posted on 01.05.2011 / 18:55

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animated name

Posted on 01.05.2011 / 19:28

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Wtf need to put all that shit in conlose?

Posted on 20.05.2011 / 19:22

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Posted on 17.07.2011 / 14:09

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how do i get it to work

Posted on 26.07.2011 / 3:55

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/bind F! name and your name

Posted on 06.08.2011 / 13:03

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Could someone please give try make an automatic version of this with a certain interval between each name change. Also if it could be toggled on/off with he press of a button. Not using this for spam, it's for experimental purposes only! Thanks.

Posted on 27.08.2011 / 23:33

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Posted on 29.08.2011 / 15:26

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Um how do i use this?

Posted on 15.10.2011 / 8:19

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How do i use it?

Posted on 06.11.2011 / 6:40

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lol you'll be kicked from all the servers that use b3

Posted on 25.11.2011 / 13:20

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for an automatic version of this you can use

bind F5 "vstr rname;wait 70;vstr rname;wait 70;vstr rname;wait 70;vstr rname;wait 70;vstr rname;wait 70;vstr rname;wait 70;vstr rname;wait 70;vstr rname;wait 70;vstr rname;wait 70;vstr rname;wait 70;vstr rname;wait 70;vstr rname;wait 70;vstr rname;wait 70;vstr rname;wait ....."

depents on how much sname's you have in your script you must insert the same numbers of "wait 70;vstr rname" into this bind

Posted on 06.01.2012 / 0:15

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putting it in your console, anywhere between the end of your binds list and all the others seta commands should work

Posted on 08.05.2012 / 12:50

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Posted on 30.03.2015 / 22:53

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Posted on 22.01.2016 / 10:25

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Not worked

Posted on 17.04.2018 / 17:39

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