MW2 Public Hands

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Public Hands From MW2 For Cod4

Thanks To Sanya For His Greatest Rip and To IW For MW2 And CoD4 :D

Happy New Year! :D


How To Install:

-Place *.ff in \zone\language\

-Place *.iwd in \main\


You Can Use *.xmodel_export files As Raw In Your Mod ^.^


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hell yea thats very sick..... cant believe im first to comment xD Great Work you guys, Cant wait to see whats next... and also thanks for doing the extra work thats makes them usable to average users...... Cant wait to see whats next

Posted on 02.01.2013 / 7:30

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i have just done fresh reinstall and got all my files skins maps etc sorted out and tried this and doesn't work for me... i cant play any of the maps that are listed in folder and im experience in public models i have installed others many times.... so idk whats wrong

Posted on 02.01.2013 / 8:37

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What error?

Posted on 02.01.2013 / 9:51

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says .ff files are diff from servers.... ive redone it like 3times to no avail xD

Posted on 02.01.2013 / 10:36

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Posted on 02.01.2013 / 11:33

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Tutorial please?

Posted on 02.01.2013 / 12:17

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it's because you should replace the files contain "mp_MAPNAME_load.ff" in zone and not "mp_MAPNAME.ff"

Posted on 02.01.2013 / 17:18

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yea well thats what i did.... the download only has _load.ff in them so idk what was wrong i just valiadated my game threw steam and got all original files .... and worked after .... but thanks

Posted on 04.01.2013 / 0:10

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Posted on 26.09.2014 / 18:56

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The hands works fine but how to get back the loading screens?There are only some purple and white squares instead Any way to fix this please...? Is really bad without them...

Posted on 11.03.2015 / 21:01

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I have white textures help please

Posted on 13.07.2016 / 20:26

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