Sig Sauer for cod4

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Here you have a nice replacement for the ak47. Or a new weapon that you can add on menus. I know there is no camo, but my photoshop level is not enough
for making it. Thanks to my graphic designer for making that awesome textures. THe pack includes all the attachments and worldmodels. Also, it comes with
a SD version with reflex and silencer at the same time. It was worldmodel too.


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Could be improved

Posted on 03.10.2015 / 18:42

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suks dick i cn do bettea

Posted on 03.10.2015 / 18:44

then do it, you fucking asshole

Posted on 04.10.2015 / 1:05

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Looks good

Posted on 04.10.2015 / 4:13

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i coud d bater i wat to se you d bater

Posted on 04.10.2015 / 4:18,8435.0.html by all means, show me what you have

Posted on 05.10.2015 / 0:12

Shots fired :x

@Smasher, nice map !

Posted on 05.10.2015 / 14:36

lol, i guess you have fuck all, pathetic fool

Posted on 06.10.2015 / 18:13

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tell me how to fix this gun in game on ak47

Posted on 05.10.2015 / 16:54

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wao 6 xmodels

Posted on 06.10.2015 / 10:00

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tell me how i can replace this gun with ak47;D

Posted on 08.10.2015 / 16:34

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Posted on 10.10.2015 / 21:06

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Better then alot of others, My idea, is taking all of these guns that has yet not been added to a call of duty, such as CS, Titian fall, and others, and making a mod like Combined Operations, but with all these amazing weapons you guys try so hard on, and with bots for the people who dont like playing alone. Leave the guy alone, He did try and its amazing.

Posted on 25.10.2015 / 6:15

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